Web Hosting

Web Hosting Getting Started

9 September 2016

Step 1: How does it work?

In order for your website to be available to anyone at anytime, you need to host it with a web host. In other words: you need a web server leased to you by a web hosting company.

Also, in order for your visitors to easily access your site by name, you will need a domain name such as `yourdomain.com`. This will allow to make your site available at `www.yourdomain.com` (for example) but this will also allow you to receive email on addresses like `[email protected]`…

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File Manager

Managing Your Hosting Account’s Files

9 September 2016

Your hosting account is on a computer — just like a personal computer. So, just like a personal computer you can manage your website’s files and directories, with tasks like:

  • Uploading
  • Moving
  • Archiving (zipping) and unarchiving

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SSL Certificate

What is an SSL Certificate?

9 September 2016

What is SSL? SSL is an acronym for Secure Sockets Layer, an encryption technology that was created by Netscape. SSL creates an encrypted connection between your web server and your visitors' web browser allowing for private information to be transmitted without the problems of eavesdropping, data tampering, or message forgery....

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